A simple example of a stake-progression strategy

The Paroli System, as the name suggests, is a sports betting platform that focuses on par. This means equal. You can translate that to odds, and you will find even-money odds for your bets because the system is based upon doubling your money. Because it is a progression system, it is easy to learn. There are always risks with any betting system, and there is no guarantee that you will win. We will now take a look at Paroli’s Betting System.

The Paroli Principle

This progression-of-stakes system has a defined set of rules to play by. Discipline is vital to this betting system. People who bet with their emotions and hearts often lose sight of the fact that they are being disciplined. If a player has a winning streak of three consecutive wins, it’s normal to be more aggressive when placing your bets. A losing streak can lead to panic in some players.

A betting system can eliminate these personal variables. A punter who sticks to the rules will not be distracted by his betting passions, remain focused on the task at hand, and succeed.

The Format

The Paroli Betting system has four rules. These rules apply in different situations to ensure the player is on track.

Rule 1: Play with a fixed stake.

Your first parole bet will be based upon the same fixed amount. This is important as you must play within your bankroll to increase stakes. If you have 100 dollars to begin with, and put out 50 stakes in the first round of the game, you will need more money to bankroll the whole plan, which is three rounds of bets.

Paroli System seeks to provide regular, smaller returns than going big. Therefore, you should stake at most 5% of your risk. This principle states that less is more. It will be an innovative approach if your stake is 2% of the total losses you are willing to suffer.

Rule 2: Double up if you win

Doubling up in betting systems is a concept that has been introduced previously. This is an old practice, but it’s not new in betting strategies. However, in the Paroli Betting System, there is a limit. We will discuss this in a moment. You get doubled up on your next Bet if your first Bet wins. Let’s say you have a stake of 5 as your base. If the first Bet wins, you will stake ten on your second Bet. If the second Bet wins, you can double your stake to 20.

Rule 3: Do not stop!

Winning streaks are a dangerous way for punters to get carried away. Losing streaks and winning streaks can end in an instant. It would help if you stopped double-dipping after you have won three consecutive wins. While you can continue betting if you wish, the system will allow you to drop back to the base stake to make a new round with a maximum of three wins.

Rule 4: Don’t chase losses

There is no guarantee that things will go according to plan in betting. This is an unreasonable expectation. To touch on Rule 3, you will lose your base stake every time a bet loses. You don’t have to chase losses by placing more enormous stakes, even if you lose a few chances. You can lose a bet and go back to base.

The System

As you can see, the Paroli System works very quickly. Double up on a winning stake but only for a maximum of three consecutive times. You can take the profit and return to the beginning if you’re lucky enough or skilled enough to win three straight wins. This is based on the idea that three consecutive wins are expected. However, any streak exceeding that number will increase the chance of it ending. Mini-winning bars are expected to bring in more money than the combined losses.

Both the pros and cons

This system is simple and allows you to be in complete control of your bankroll. You will need patience as it also aims to deliver consistent small returns. However, significant losses are only possible if you have a losing streak.


It is a total bankroll that you need to have 35 stakes to make a series of three bets (5, 10, and 20) from a base of 5. What would happen if all three of your first three bets were won?

First Bet – 5 stakes win five profits. Second Bet – 10 stakes win ten profit.

Third Bet – 20 stakes win 20 profit

Result: +35

You have now doubled your bankroll if all three bets are successful. You can then return to the beginning again to ensure you don’t lose another significant stake or have your profits disappear quickly. It is safer to let five slip than double up and get a 40 stake.

First Bet – 5 stakes win five profit

Second Bet – 10 stake losses

Result: -5

35 initial bankroll + 5-10 = 30 bankroll left, so you’re down 5)

First Bet – 5 stakes win five profit

Second Bet – 10 stakes win ten profit

Third Bet – 20 stake losses

Result: -5

35 initial bankroll + 5 +10 – 20 = 30 remaining bankroll, so you’re down 5)

As you can see, even if the third Bet fails to win, your losses will be negligible regarding the initial stake. To see your returns, you must win three consecutively.

You may not want to stop betting after one round. It is possible to keep going even if you lose. Let’s look at an example where you alternate between wins and losses.

Play 1-5 stakes to win five profits

Bet 2 – 10 stake loses (Result: -5)

Bet 3-5 stakes to beat five yields (Result 0).

Bet 4 – 10 stake loses (Result: -10)

Bet 5 – Win 5 (Result: -55)

Bet 6 – 10 stake loses (Result – 15)

Result: 30 stakes (6 bets of 5 each) returned total losses of -15, a loss/outlay that has broken even. This is a long series of chances where the failures have yet to accumulate. These are still losses, and you have to decide when to stop. This decision will be based on your initial bankroll. In the above scenario, however, Bet 6 could have won.

Play 1-5 stakes to win five profits

Bet 2 – 10 stake loses (Result -5)

Bet 3-5 stakes to win five profits (Result in +0).

Bet 4 – 10 stake loses (Result -10)

Bet 5 – Win 5 (Result -5)

Bet 6-10 wins (Result in +5)

Result: 30 stakes (6 at five each) return a +5 profit. In this case, however, it would then be possible to double the stake to 20 for the third course, which opens up new possibilities.

This is a betting system. They cannot help you overcome any advantage the bookmaker may have and cannot guarantee that your profits will be returned. What is the purpose of a betting strategy? A betting system can help you to control the outcome of situations. Instead of reacting reactively, they will give you some direction and control. This simple system seeks smaller, more consistent profits from winning streaks of three.

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