This is the low-risk/high-reward way to place a bet.

Some people consider football betting a calculated gamble. After studying the history books and the form guide, an intelligent approach to wagering can be taken. Understanding the different types of bets is an essential part of wagering.

This guide will show you how to use the Double Chance market for football betting.

Many markets can satisfy your need for risk and reward betting. The Double Chance market is the best choice for the latter.

What is Double Chance Betting?

Double Chance is that bookmakers offer two chances (of the correct outcome) instead of just one. This is a football example. There are three options.

  • Home win
  • Draw
  • Go win

We would typically bet on one or both of these outcomes. Let’s look at an example. We like Manchester United to beat Tottenham Hotspur. We know that Spurs can be a substantial side on their day and can bring home a point from Old Trafford. So we have two options.

  • Place your bet on Man Utd winning at 4/7. We will cross our fingers and toes.
  • Relax a bit and back Man Utd at the Double Chance market at 1/8

Double Chance is a market where we back Man Utd winning or drawing. This gives us a 66.6% chance that our bet will succeed, which is why Double Chance betting can be considered low risk.

Double Chance allows us to back any combination: home win/draw, away win/pull, or home win/away win. Remember that each outcome pays the same amount, so you are spreading your risk.

Double Chance betting is not for everyone. This is not surprising as bookmakers know that Double Chance betting increases the chance of a punter hitting a winning return.

For context, consider this: A six-fold accumulator with each leg at one-eighth of an inch will allow you to double your money. You can’t get any fairer.

Double Chance Football Betting Strategies/Systems

We will discuss the two Double Chance betting strategies in detail later. Let’s identify these two strategies and see which side you will be on.

  • Strategy #1 – Low-risk profiteering
  • Strategy #2 – Underdog Hunting

Your betting philosophy and knowledge of world football will dictate your chosen strategy. Strategy #2 works if you spot an underdog you believe will draw against their more famous opponent.

Strategy #1 is best if you are looking to build a cat or start to put more money in your bank account each month.

Strategy #1: Profiteering at High Risk

Double Chance betting is a way to make small profits. To see where you can leverage odds, you only have to glance at form guides, league tables, and head–to–head records.

Let’s look at another example. Let’s say that Chelsea is hosting Swansea. We all know that Chelsea is the current league champion, and they have an incredible record at Stamford Bridge. While Swansea is a strong team, you think they will need more time to win the match.

The ‘Chelsea/Draw Double Chance price is 1/20. These are very low odds. To make a profit, we need only to find five legs of 1/20 in football. In this case, a PS10 acca would return PS12.76.

We won’t be buying a yacht at Monte Carlo anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to. Consider the bigger picture. That’s a 27.6% return on risk of 33.3%.

These odds have one downside: if 5×5-fold accumulators are placed and one fails, we can only make a small profit. It is essential to do your research and choose the right teams.

Strategy 2: The Underdog Hunter

Ever look at the results on Saturday night and think, “I thought so-and-so would get a result here,” but never act upon it? If you are looking for an effective strategy to find the underdog, then the Double Chance strategy is right.

Let’s look at an example of a Double Chance double starting on the first day of the season.

Bet 1 – Newcastle Win/Draw Against Southampton (1/2)

Newcastle was quoted at 9/5 to win the game. That is relatively high for a home match. The team has a new manager who usually brings optimism and many new signings.

Southampton has also lost some key players. Their main stars finished last season poorly, and this was their second match in three days. This is a problematic turnaround at this early stage.

Bet 2: Crystal Palace Win/Draw against Norwich (1/2)

Crystal Palace finished last season in great form and has made some intelligent signings to create a team capable of winning this campaign.

With significant investment in their players’ squad, Norwich has just been promoted and could keep up with the class step.

Double Chance Double above paid out PS11.26 to a stake of PS5.

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