The five fundamental rules of success: Goals, goals, goals

Goals are the heart of football. Some teams score a lot of them, while others don’t have enough. One thing is sure, however: both sides will score in any given football match. This is why the Both Team To Score (BTTS) betting market continues to be popular.

You’re looking for games in which both teams can score. It doesn’t matter how many they win, so long as each team scores at least one.

As with all kinds of betting on football, there are two options: You can either guess, or you can do your homework, study the league tables and form guides, and make intelligent bets. This latter approach tends to yield the best results.

Why use BTTS?

We’ve all been there. They picked six teams to win and then watched in horror as one of the selections conceded an equalizer.

The great thing about Both Teams to Score is that we don’t care what the final result looks like. We want the net to be found by both teams. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first minute or the 91st.

Every team can score against the other: the deflection, 30-yard world in the top corner, and the long-ball routine …. all of the football teams around the globe have their way of scoring. This is why BTTS is so popular!

Is there any value in BTTS?

Type….yes! The odds of each game ranging from 8/11 to 2/3 (plus some other extreme cases in unique circumstances) are pretty similar. A PS5 triple can quickly return to PS25 Plus.

The bottom line is that prices in this market are very reasonable, and it takes only a treble of an accumulator with four legs to create long cumulative odds.

All you have to do now is find the winning teams! These are the five golden rules you should follow:

Rule 1: Do Your Homework

Bet smart. This is how ‘gambling’ becomes ‘investing. There is no way to predict the outcome of football games. That’s why it’s one of our favorite sports. As savvy punters, we can take all the steps necessary to bet with logic and common sense. The rest will take care of themselves.

What have we learned? When placing your BTTS bets, you should avoid anything lower than 1.00. Including Chelsea or Southampton in your BTTS chances is not a good idea when they’re playing at home.

Instead, look for teams with BOTH columns at the 1.30 mark. This indicates that they concede and score many goals on their turf or while on the road. The units in red will now dominate our BTTS coupon – Man City, Spurs (home & away), Crystal Palace(out), West Brom/home), Newcastle (home), and Spurs (home & away).

These stats are worth looking at for any leagues you are interested in.

Rule 2: Check out the League Table

As “Both Teams to Score” punters, we don’t care about the actual match’s outcome. However, we need to ensure the team is the same.

The table above shows that Crystal Palace scores many goals while on travels. However, they will not be able to beat Stamford Bridge’s scorers, so we still need to play the percentages and make intelligent wagers.

Check the positions of the teams and use them as a guide, even if the league table indicates that goals will be scored. The Premier League Table is available.

Rule 3: Check the Head-to-Head Record

Are there two teams that tend to score many goals each time they meet? The reverse may be true. The opposite may be true.

Savvy punters add precedent to their arsenal of tricks, research, and common sense to ensure that they bet logically. You can find this information on a website such as Soccerway ( ) or use their head-to-head feature.

Rule 4 Check the Form Book

According to the old saying, form is temporary, and class is permanent. It’s true, but backing the “form horse” can be very beneficial.

You don’t have to add a team to your BTTS coupon if they are scoring goals. Avoid groups that struggle to achieve or have a solid defense.

Rule 5: Keep an eye out for goal machines

Although we all would love to see our favorite clubs have one, they can rarely be found a goal scorer, the player who scores consistently no matter what team is playing. Two examples are Charlie Austin at QPR and Harry Kane at Spurs. Find some net-busting goalsmen.

These two players were in great form, and their teams could score no matter where they played. However, their team would only be able to find a similarly prolific replacement if one were hurt.

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